Tale of a Shutterbug

He stood there long for the perfect frame
Unmoved by the storm, the rain
It wasn’t an art though none the less
And I bet you it’s no easy game

I tell you there is no beginning no end
Eyes do speak and so does the work of the lens
You portray a landscape or landscape a portrait
It doesn’t show reality but how you pretend

For him there is no time to ponder
From the top of the hill to fit under
Everything is his territory, his reign
For what he brings out is a wonder

Camera is his prized possession
Every accessory added is a compliment
From thousand shots just handful magical ones
His hunger isn’t appreciation but valuable suggestion

“Click” and it’s worth all the pain

3 thoughts on “Tale of a Shutterbug

  1. Aditi Banka says:

    He…I don’t know why I’m writing this to you..but I’m moved away by your work.. you are really amazing..I mean in every field…This all has got something in itself,by “this all” I mean everything you do like your photography it speaks up something..your poetry it creates a connection..your writings..one could feel it…and your thoughts of course…everything is brilliant ..impressive…!!

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